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How does Leasing Work

Pricing and Structure

In the past we were only selling domains. As internet changes we decided to open Leasing option as well. Yes, you can still buy desired domain, but now you have a viable alternative. 

  • You may buy the domain outright and have your own site built
  • You may Lease it for period one or two years
  • Once price of the domain is established your down payment is 10%
  • Easy equal reoccurring monthly billing
  • Pay out for your domain anytime within your contract
  • Seven day grace period for late payment
  • No restrictions or other penalties
  • We will both sign contract with standard provisions
  • NO other fees (at less you require Escrow)
  • NO interest

Once all the paper work is done and money cleared we will then change the DNS to point to your servers. Or we can host your site on ours.

You can stop payment and cancel your obligation, but you will forfeit your deposit.  (similar as car lease or renting a house)

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