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What is Lease to Own Domain

Get domain that you need

Same rule apply as in real estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION
in domain business is DOMAIN, DOMAIN, DOMAIN

Once you have a great domain it's like having a prime location. Many people underestimate this fact and then find them self spending money promoting the obscure name and spending thousands on advertising just to get known and get listed well on search engines.

 When you have keyword rich domain half the battle is done. You still have to promote it, but it's much easier and search engine gives preference to domains that have the related keywords of your industry in the domain name.
Example would be: is much easier to qualify for good ranking then The difference is obvious. The first option show clearly that business is real estate in Costa Rica, versus second that yes it's real estate business, but it's all over the map. Search engines take that as very important relevant factor. Yes, you still have to work it and prepare your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but keyword related domain gives you advantage.

Other Benefits
Some other advantage of prime domain to take in consideration are:

  • How easy is your domain name to remember
  • How relevant is it to your business
  • How people search in particular business in search engines
  • Is it easy to understand and spell
  • Is it .com or just secondary TLD that people are not use to it
  • Relatively short
  • Without hyphens

The Problem
Most prime domains are long taken and/or expensive to get. .

The Solution
We offer solution - LEASING!

The Benefits
Benefits are many. Same as in auto leasing or house rent to own, you can get a prime domain from us:

  • at reasonable price
  • with rich keywords
  • well aged (some are over 15 years old) Google preference
  • we offer easy terms
  • low down payment
  • one year or longer contract
  • no interest
  • low monthly payments
  • easy fast negotiation
  • straight secure business (can use
  • NO hidden fees

As you can see, befits to lease are many. Other important factor is that money you will spend for direct domain name purchase, you can use it for other important factors such as promoting, on SEO, and other way to get your business established on the Internet faster.

The Results
That results more clients and money. At less you have plenty of both now, then leasing domain is great option and big helper.

So what are you waiting for? Check our domains!